The Farkasmály cellar line - where the hotel is located - has always been famous for its wine tastings and entertainment.

Visitors to the cellar row can immerse themselves in history, roam the historic press houses and inspect the cellars carved hundreds of years ago.

Only the wines of Mátra were included in the wine list of the Hotel Sziluett. Selecting the best from 8 wineries, we try to provide a lasting experience for guests on the occasion of wine tasting. If they predict their need for wine tasting, our professional colleague will present the wine based on its place of production, vintage, producer and characteristics.

Game dishes have always played a major role in the food specialties of the Mátra. On our menu we mainly offer specialties made from venison. The favorite of our vegetarian guests is the forest mushroom cream soup. The selection of international cuisine also played an important role in the composition of the menu. Homemade hamburger with marinated onions and homemade meatballs with 200 grams of beef is one of the most ordered dishes for our guests. We are also good at steaks as it offers a ripe sirloin and T-bone steak for a hearty meal.

Our restaurant is open every day, not only for hotel guests!