Regélő Winery

Regélő Winehouse is located 200 meters from the Winehotel Sziluett, which is also part of our business.

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The original building of the wine house was built in 1834 and the work was ordered by Antal Balla, the main tax collector of the town of Gyöngyös. The cellar was dug at the end of 18th century. Uncle Antusz planted the plane tree in front of the house in 1836. In 1994, the building was rebuilt keeping its exterior appearance. It has been rebuilt based on photographs and a paintings. It has an architectural monument character. 

Our guests can enjoy the natural environment in the shade of the plane trees in summer on the semi-covered terrace in front of the wine cellar. On the terrace we can accommodate up to 60 people.

The inner place consists of 2 parts. In the direction of the inner part of the cellar folk art carved painted furniture can host up to 32 people. In winters we try to increase the comfort with a fireplace, but the inner spaces have cellar atmosphere, so the average temperature is 16 to 18 degrees Celsius. 

Inner cellar hollowed out in petrified volcanic ashes is the most authentic spot for wine tastings and wine tasting dinners. Up to 70 people can be accommodated here. By keeping the cellar in its original state, the traces of pickaxe are still visible today. 14 degrees Celsius is the constant temperature and humidity is 90 percent.

For wine selling purposes we are open every day. Dining options are available from 1 May to 1 September every Saturday. In other cases groups will be accepted by advance arrangement.