Harvest fun

Harvest Fun Offer

Our harvest program is available for groups over 15, from 20 August to 15 October. These dates may vary due to the characteristics of the particular year. The program can be carried out by creating groups, in such case program can be competition type. It consists of various elements that can be ordered independently and can be realized in all weather conditions except grape picking, so we also offer a rainy program for the harvest. 

Arriving of guests:

The group is welcomed at the entrance of the cellar, at Hotel Sziluett's covered terrace, where a beautiful panorama captures the guests. From here we can see a significant part of the Mátra wine region, the description of tasks happens here and we will briefly present the Mátra wine region and the Farkasmály wine cellar. Possibility of using toilets.

Duration of the program: 15 minutes

Cost of part of a program: free of charge 

Reception of guests:

4 cl quince pálinka (snaps) per person

Happy day fruit juices, Pepsi soft drinks, Natural mineral water, coffee, cappuccino unlimited consumption

Homemade flat bread baked in oven with various toppings and homemade cakes

Duration of the program: 20 minutes

Grape picking:

After a short 200-meter walk, we arrive at our well-groomed vineyard. Irsai Oliver, Zweigelt, Italian Riesling and Cabernet Sauvignon are the grape varieties that are waiting for the care of the hands. After the clarification of the accident prevention rules, the allocation of tasks are made: grape picker, basket man (puttonyos). At the beginning of the rows we offer bread and dripping with onions, greaves and soft drinks. We provide all the necessary tools - pruning shears, basket, chests, and linen gloves - but the right outfit should be provided by the guests.

Duration of the program: 60 minutes


Next to the hotel, the Lőrincz Cellar's covered terrace is equipped with 50 liter press, where fresh grape juice is pouring. This part of the program is feasible for all weather conditions, we can always ensure the grapes during the harvest season. Under supervision, the entire process is carried out by our customers through the assembly of the press, the grinding, professional pressing. On site we offer other refreshments and provide space for those who want to relax.

Duration of the program: 30 minutes


We offer a wide variety of dishes and bakery products made in the oven of our open kitchen. Choose from our oven-style menu offers and choose from our wine-tasting or pálinka-tasting offers as well!


We present the possibilities of storing wine properly and preparing it for bottling. From this section job is done by our guests. With a bottling machine guest perform filtration and filling, they seal the bottle with a manual stopper and close the bottle with a capsule machine. The label of guests’ company's unique logo can be glued on the wine bottle with self-adhesive label, which can be made even on a names basis as well. Every guest gets their own wine.

Duration of the program: 30 minutes

Cellar Visit:

Visitors have the opportunity to see three different style of cellar, and besides their wine making technology quests will hear about the history of the wineries and their future plans, as well. Guests will taste one wine in each cellar about which the most important qualities can be heard.

Duration of the program: 45 minutes